Question about the Blender metric scale.

I am working with a map that is made in Valve Hammer editor. Everytime I import models from Blender they show up in wrong scale (too small). This is pretty confusing and I have to guess each time how big they have to be.

In Hammer 1 unit is = 19.05mm

I have a table made in the Hammer editor that is 64 units wide (1,22m) and the depth is 18 units (34cm). When I import this table into Blender, the table is 64 meters wide and 20 meters in depth. I guess it can be setup right, but I don’t know how…

edit: They seem to have the same width in units though.

Basic things, make 1x1x1m cube in Hammer editor, import to Blender.
Lets say imported cube dimensions are 22.5cm (0.225m) in Blender, so Scale cube S=100/22.5 (= 4.4444).
So now you know the scale value for every imported objects.

Yeah, I did that now. It is 1m on x, y and z. So it should be 1 hammer unit = 1m in Blender. But why even have the metric scale if it doesn’t show the right scale for game editors and other programs?

Edit: This means the smallest thing in Hammer is 1 m in Blender and it means that Blender make things multiplied 52,49 times. How do I set this up so Blender match with the right scale?

Edit: Nvm I was stupid. I just set the scale to 0.01905. =)