Question about the Mudpuddle gallery

Um, how long is the average wait between registering at mudpuddle and getting your own album? To anyone who has one there or is one of the people who run it. (free) is probably a better choice. (no offence to alltaken) its jus more space and more personal(and doesnt cost alltaken money)

Looks promising, I have read before you must be 16 or older to sign up, only it wouldn’t really matter since I turn 16 in just a little less then 3 months :slight_smile:

Hmmmm, I may just stick with the mudpuddle gallery, if i’m registered meaning i’ll get my own album there the last thing I would want is for it to be empty. :-?

it can take a while but if you need it fast you can pm alltaken and he makes the album for you in about a day (or two).

Is that what you did? Because if you did then i’ll have a reason to believe it has been proven.


I don’t think it’s going to be as quick as you said it would be

yeah sorry, i havn’t updated the private albums for a long time, due to it taking a while to do. i have probabyl 20 people to add to the albums and such, and just don’t have time inbetween my 100 hours a week working for university.

i am considering getting someone to admin/ moderate the place for me and to help add peoples private albums.

so you are on the list, however i don’t know how long it will be before i update it.


I PM’ed him and got this message in return.
It could still be a while unless others like you want to help run the place.

Well. i did it in the time the gallery wasnt used very much so that can be the problem.

Scrap that, Alltaken just added a ton of new private albums to the gallery just today, I gotta get working on putting in my images.