question about the spin extrude feature

I am really new to blender and have done very little 3d modeling but here goes…
i have a brezier curve made into a mesh that is aligned with the z axis i have the 3d cursor also aligned with the z axis i have the spin set to 360 degrees 21 steps buttons depressed in mesh window are keep original clockwise and the off set is set to 1.0 here is the problem when i hit spin and choose the top view it creates a massive object going around a massive zaxis either that or at each step the z axis is moving… any ideas on how to get it to spinproperly?
thank you for your help

I think you have created a curve in the Front view (z-Axis going up-down) and turned that into a mesh with vertices on the Z-Axis. You then went to the mesh tools panel and selected 360 degrees and 21 steps.

When you press the “Spin Dup” button, the cursor now changes to a “?” and expects you to click in a 3D view window. The window you click will be the one about which the object will be duplicated. If you want to spin about the Z Axis, you will want to click in the “Top” view and not the “Front View”. The Front view has the Y axis into the screen while the Top view has the Z axis into the screen. This may be your problem … maybe you are spin-dupping around the Y axis by clicking in the wrong screen. In addition, make sure that Spin Dup is what you want. Spin Dup duplicates an objects around an axis but does NOT extrude or join those objects together … for for a mesh that was a line you will end up with lots of copies of a line … but they won’t be joined together. You may really be wanting the Spin button as opposed to Spin Dup to achieve a “lathe” like effect. Let me know if this helps.

Yes that was it thanks so much for your help!