Question about the Suzanne Awards

I have a question concerning the Suzanne Awards.

Why did Penguoen win for Best Animation, original idea or story? Don’t get me wrong, it was a great animation, but I just saw the original Citroen animation and the Penguoen animation was move for move for the original. Maybe best artwork, or character animation (it was very expressive) but why original idea? The same question applies to Beagle which uses Snoopy, fighting in the Death Star run. Again, it’s a great animation, but why was it nominated for original idea or story?

The other two nominations, The Trap and Plumiferos (even thought I don’t understand Spanish) were (to my understanding of the word) much more original.

This has been nagging at me since the nominations, and I was just wondering about it.


am I confused, or are you missing the implication that the suzanne awards are for blender-releated artwork?

or am I completely wrong in that respect?

I think ideas can still be original while being based on something else, at least in the sense that this particular contest seems to be using the word original. Nobody’s thought of remaking the Citroen commercial with a penguin before, nobody’s thought of putting together Peanuts and Star Wars before. Those are original ideas, and obviously the judges thought they were good enough ones (and attached to good enough animations, I guess) to be nominated.

I find it a lot more interesting that every nomination in that category had a bird in it…

I understand that, WeirdHat, we could have a long discussion on whether any idea is original when broken down completely. To me (I guess that’s the catch, right?) it seemed like Penguoen and Peanuts should’ve been in a different category. Like character animation and artwork respectively. Those two seemed to be the least original of all the nominations.

z3r0 d, I understand that the Suzanne Awards are for Blender-related artwork. I don’t really see what that has to do with my question.

I was hoping, perhaps, one of the judges would condescend to point out to me how they came upon their decision.


well, it was a bit of a difficult decision. but basically, we were given these categories and asked to nominate the movies for them. Intitially, we had movies in multiple categories: Penguoen for instance, was in both the animation artwork and the character animation categories- The trap was in all three categories.
We then became worried that one animation would sweep all three awards- so we hastily made a decision that no one animation could get nominated in more than three categories.
So we based the nominations on what we felt the pieces were aiming for: If an animation was focused on artistic appearance, it went in the artwork category, those animations that were heavily “character animation” centric went into the animation category, and those that felt like the artist had an idea based animation- a story or in penguoen’s case, satire, went into the origninal animation category.
We can never make the perfect choice, and there is always much to learn from past mistakes, but I hope that we at least made a good effort :slight_smile:

we based the nominations on what we felt the pieces were aiming for

Some (if not, most) are aiming for the whole package.

Your ‘worries’ are very understandible and yes, you all made a very good effort. But perhaps we should think of a better option, for next time.

i must agree with lgm, i think the opening chase scene for pluf-somethin, alone could have earned an award.

All right, slikdigit. That satifies me. I see why you made those choices and now it makes sense as to why Beagle and Penguoen were in that category. I still don’t see why Plumiferos didn’t win but that would just be my taste, probably.


i have a question…

why this years theme “birds” or somthing.

seriously i think every single animation was about birds except the music video type one. (the flying man was also a close exception)

i think there should be a rule about doing them about birds next year.


maybe it was an influence of a Bird Flu :slight_smile:

But seriously it was coincidence I guess.

heh. The music video I’m working on now has flying people in. :stuck_out_tongue:


Plumiferos is great, it had just one single problem: it heavily relies on dialogue and about 90% of the audience didn’t understand a word (was it spanish? or portugese?). With subtitles, it might have won.


Yeah, I figured that was why it lost out. But man, even without understanding the dialogue I loved the animation. That bird is really expressive.


Gotta love giant peguins capable of destroying an entire city!

i also hate it that Plumiferos is not on top!