Question about the theory of perspective


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So my question is about central perspective:
Its commonly known tha objects, which are near appear to be bigger than objects which are more far away.

Lets say we have two objects (see image below) which share the same height, but is further afar than the other.
Is there any way to calculate how much the objects will perspectively shrink if you know the objects height and the distance?
Thanks in advance!

It depends on the distance from camera to objects and not just the distance between objects. If you diagram all three from the side, instead of front, you will see the answer. In my attached diagram, the closer box (1) appears to be twice the size of box (2) because the camera is so close, but if the camera was moved further away, the difference would become less.


Ah oh course! That makes totally sense! Thanks for your answer and illustration :smiley: