Question about the video sequence editor

Hello everybody. In Blender’s video sequence editor, I imported a video that displayed at 1280*720. When I import other videos, I need to change the display quality to get the screen to fit the video but then the first video is all messed up. How do I import separate videos with different qualities?

The vse will resize all media to fit the scene’s render dimensions. So you should be able to mix any size frame. How is it mixed up for you? Screen grab or more detail?

If the sources are not uniform in xy dimensions, the solution is to use the VSE transform tool.

My first video’s dimensions are 1280x720. The rest of the videos are 480x480. I will try out the transform tool and see what I can do.

Ah yes, different aspect ratios will look odd. You will have to squeeze x on the 480x480 material resulting in a pillar box or black curtain situation. If you don’t want those thick black bars at the side you then scale the corrected image up with another transform effect.