question about this thread

how do most of u post the image in the thread… do u load the image to a personal site and then link to it? or is there a free site i can use to upload images to link to them?

friggin sweet, thx

doesnt this forum also have attachments?

Only if the image is already on the web (forum attachment feature asks for URL).
ImageShack rox because it even gives direct text to put in your posting.

Actually, I think you can upload up to three straight to this server. You have control to delete them when they are old, and you want something new.

Yes you can. You have to click the “Manage Attachments” button. A window will appear where you can upload several images from your harddisk.

Why is this discussion still here?

And btw, ImageShack is the worst. Terrible pop-ups whenever I click an imagelink.

I havn’t had a single popup when using imageshack :confused:

So I have a terrible pop-up protection or whatever. Nothing that stupid me can do about it. But I do know it doesn’t happen with Photobucket.

And I just hate that yellow frog… really, really, really hate it.

That’s just a bad excuse, and you know it! You realy, realy love the yellow frog, you’re just to afraid to admit it!

Please ensure you post questions in the appropriate support forums.