question about timer

hej, I needed an action to play in 10 sec. so I made a timer with eqaul 10 the action plays. this doesnt work :[ also I made timer 10/11 and always but that also doesn;t work

thx already

So… you need an action to play for 10 sec and then stop? Just set your timer at 0, then set up logic brick like so:

Property: Timer
9.8 < Timer < 10.2
Play Action

Doesn’t work srry… (srry for the late reaction) xD

Doesn’t work srry… (srry for the late reaction) xD

Oops. Change the sensor to:
Property: Timer
0 < Timer < 10

Then, for your actuator, if it is set as “loop end” the animation won’t stop exactly at 10sec, but will not repeat anymore after 10 sec (it will go back to the beginning and stop). If you set it as “loop stop” it will freeze wherever it is when the sensor recognizes 10 sec.

Timer counts like this, ex: “10,00001”
So if you use “Equal” to match the timer ( ex: equal = 10), it’ll not work
Use “Interval” instead, ex "Min: 10 Max: 11

timers are easliy done with logic bricks

give you object int property named timer with a value of ten then set up your logic bricks like this:

property timer is not equal to 0 (pulse at 25)_____ and______ add property timer -1

line two

property timer is not equal to 0 __________ and ________ play action (whatever)

its that simple, but you may need to ajust the pulse on the always sensor until you get it just right. i usally use 25 cause blender runs at 25 fps… i think… but just raise it or lower it till your happy.

FCK! xD I filnely found the bug :D:D:D whoehoe :smiley: I had placed the cencor under the wrong object xD and the property under the other OMG xD
thx anyway :stuck_out_tongue: now I finely can continiou blender :smiley: