Question about toon shading/cel-shading.

How can I achieve the cel-shaded look of the characters from from Ultimate Spiderman and other games that feature cel-shading? I probably already know the answer, but I want to be sure.

Ex: (sorry about the large image)

Here’s a quick video demonstration: (don’t mind the song; it was the only video I could find)

write a glsl shader, one of the example blends has one

theres a more simple way to do it, but it doubles the polygons. i dont remember how this is done, ill try and find the topic.

I wrote a tutorial on how to do it the easy way (doubling polys). You can see my tut here, however I recommend using the new shaders.

Shaders would be great, but my computer doesn’t support them.

ok, for the doubling polygons method…

select your object thats going to be cel shaded.d

copy it in object mode

keep it right where its at and make it a little bigger.

go into edit mode and select all faces.

go into the edit mode buttons and select " flip normals"

now, in uv face select mode, select all faces and make them black.

parent the cell shade object to the original object.

ill make a tutorial with pictures when im not so tired…:o

im so tired i didnt even see that anoncompboy already posted pretty much this same exact thing.

Well, I already know how to make the black outlines, but that’s not what I’m talking about. What I mean is the color scheme.

Ex: (again, sorry for the large pics)

Well it depends, with some imaginative use of textures you can create quite nice toon shader effect with static highlights and shadows. Look at this thread to see how this guy goes from a flat shader to a very cool toon effect just by adding some highlights.

But for dynamic lighting you really need that GLSL shader.