question about tris

hey all i was just wondering say you have a plane then scale down a edge so it looks like this: - (sorry for bad art)
/ \
is this a quad?

(correct me if im wrong)

as far as i know, that is still a quad unless you remove doubles


as long as there are 4 verts still, its a quad

but how do they react to sub surfs?

tris aren’t not very nice for subsurf…quads makes it much more presentable …

yeh thats what i mean a quad with 4 verts yet if there is an edge close togther does it react with subsurfs like a tri or quad?

sorry I don’t follow you…

It should react fine, just like any other quad.

No it would react awfyul, just like a try, tht’s a degenerative quad, with a singularity in the mapping due to the edge degenerating in a point.


oh… oops :expressionless:

Guess i was wrong…

quads result in smooth surfaces
tris result in smooth surfaces as well but you can get creaes soon.

the closer the edges are togetehr the stronger you see what i mean.
so for head modeling try only to go with quads!!!