Question About Tris

Just a quick question on modeling etiquette, is it acceptable to use triangular geometry on rigid models such as buildings? I know that they do not deform properly when used on organic meshes, but I’m not sure if there are any other reasons not to use them in rigid body modeling. Thanks!

Sure, The main area where triangles mess you up is when it comes to the subsurf modifier. That being said you should try to avoid using tris even with hard body modeling. There are a few reasons for this but the main ones are that, using tris can prevent you from having good edge loops. Thus the loop cut command(CTRL+R) wont work, so adding extra geometry to your model would be difficult.

One other area is in your face count, for myself I have noticed that I can lower my face count by using quads, this can be important when you are rendering at a scene with a-lot of geometry.

Also, Generally its easier to come back and edit a mesh if it is “quad dominant”.