Question about UV maps for Normal Mapping

So the question I have is say I create a very complex object and then UV map it like I want it. Then I go and make a lower poly model to project my normal map based of the high rez model; will I need to create a UV map for the low poly model that is the same overall as the one for the high rez? Or do I just create the low poly model and not even worry about the UV mapping for it? Thanks!

It is not required to have an UV for the high poly if you want to bake the normal on the low poly, you need an UV map (and a texture assigned, even if it is a blank one) only for the low poly version.

So as far as creating a normal map for a video game, I would want to create a high and low poly version then setup the UV map for the low poly and bake the normals onto the texture for the low poly model?

That is correct.