Question about UV texturing

Hello, i recently downloaded some meshes from other 3D programs that “require some assembly” to do this, i would need to use UV image mapping. This is the first that i have actually used this feature, i figured out how to get the texture to apply in the UV face select, however when i go back to object mode, and render it, the texture/image does not show up. once the face is selected, and is unwrapped, and the bounding box is scaled correctly around the image, what do i do?
any help is appreciated, thanks.

you can either turn on the ‘texface’ button in the materials settings on your material (F5), or, you can create a new image texture and set its mapping mode to UV

thanks, texface worked perfectly. now here is the next question, the texture is suppose to glow, a light behind it, how would i do that? change the emit, or add a lamp, and if i add a lamp, what kind?
Also, this file that i am working on is a room with celling lights, would that be best lit with a lamp, or a spot light, or something else?

in the ‘map to’ texture panel, try turning on the ‘emit’ button (note that you’ll need to set up an image texture with the UV mapping for this to work and then you’ll need to turn off texface)

Emit was already enabled, and successfully effected the mesh. so that works ok as it is. The bigger question is the celling lighting, which needs to illuminate the room, what type of lamp should i use?

I’m not really a lighting person, but I might be able to help if you post a picture of your scene

Actually i figured it out, experimenting with the different forms, it seems that just plain old lamps toned down did the job. thanks for all of your help though.