question about UV unwrap texturing

theres this problem that i have with UV texturing. well, i did follow a tutorial that showed me how to create a simple UV face layout out of a cube. the shape was of course a T shape, and it allowed me to say which side i was painting on.

However, i then decided to test out the UV unwrap on a more complicated shape made up of cubes. So i marked the seams, then i unwrapped it, but when it unwrapped, the UV face layout of this complicated shape looked very weird. i couldnt tell which side was which because the shapes appeared all over the place,

the pictures below illustrate this problem. I took a snapshot of it.

how do i make it so that when i unwrap, the sides look perfectly done, and i can tell which side im painting on?


search for LCSM unwrapping

Don’t put that many seams on it., The idea is to have as many pieces connected together with the least amount of distortion. The more pieces you have, the harder it is to figure where everything is.

An easier way for you to start, is with smart unwrap.
It’s the last item in the unwrap menu. Set the Islands margin to 0.1 (gap between the islands)

If the unwraped pieces are not the shape you expected then set the unwraper to conformal
Edit - UV Calculation tab. (default is angle based)