Question about video editing

Sorry for the un-descriptive title but its hard to explain

I want to edit it in lets say images and gifs onto an already playing video in the video editor.
Example: Adding an explosion gif onto a car hitting something.

You just need to add an image strip. Shift+a for the add menu (work in other editors as well)

When I do that it causes the entire screen to become the image.

You can change the blending mode to alpha over in the strip properties, in the sidebar (press N). From there you can also transform/animate the strip

Ok so I put alpha over now how do I make it smaller then move it around (where it shows up on the screen)

You can use the transform properties, also in the sidebar, “strip” tab. Blender 3.0 (currently in beta for another 3 weeks) introduces transform gizmos for sequencer strips so that you can manipulate them just like 3d objects.

That being said if you want to composite effects onto a film plate, you may want to use the compositor instead. The sequencer is made for editing only (and simple overlaying of images, but that’s it).

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i just want to put a gif on top of a video, resize the gif and move it to somewhere else on the screen…

Yes that’s more of a compositor job, but Blender’s compositor is not the best, you might want to try Natron or Resolve

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I think I may just want to stay with blender, so I dont need to memorize two different programs. Do you know any simple tutorials that would be good for my situation. (I’ve tried looking for some but they seem very complex)

I don’t sorry. In your case you just want to mix two sources, this is very simple. You should need two image sequence nodes and a mix node, connect it to a composite and a viewer, set your output paths, animate it if you like…

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Check out DaVinci Resolve, it’s free (but not open source) and a lot of its keys are the industry standard, so what you learn there should be transferable.

Sadly the open options, like blender VSE and ShotCut just aren’t in the same league yet.