Question about Viewport Display of blender 2.49

I’m new blender user. Previously,I used 3dMax.
I have question about Display in 3D View

  1. Can “3D View” show the image in Texture that we assign in object like 3dmax? Normally I must to render it see it.

2.About Auto smooth for setting smoothing group,It work when rendering but I can’t see affected in 3D View. Can we set?

Thank you so much

  1. ALT+Z will change it to textured mode.

  2. Not sure, don’t use autosmooth.

I have tested Alt+Z but it show only color but didn’t show image that I used for texture in 3D View whatever it will appear when I render

Adding an Edge-Split modifiergives the same result as the auto smooth and is visible in the 3d view. It also has more control as you can specify any particular edge to be sharp rather than just use the angle value.

@Richard : Your way is the best solve my problem Thank you

The Happy friar : Oh I just knew that the image in tex will show in 3D View follow the image in UV/image editor ,didn’t follow image in material. So we must to unwarp every object,right?

You don’t need to unwrap an object to view the texture in the 3D view (or any view), you just need something applied to the object via the material. Could be a texture to a non-unwrapped object, could be a color, generated texture, etc.

If it’s showing the texture in the UV window vs the one in the material, check the “UV texture” while in edit mode. If there’s multiple (if you projection paint you normally have multiple) you want the one with the correct texture selected as the active UV texture.
Sometimes I get in a situation where my textured view always looks pruplish-pink & the render looks fine. I haven’t figured out what I do to get that.