Question about Virtual Tour

Hello to all.

I need help here, a conceptual thought maybe :confused:

I have a task, to build (create) a hotel buildings, and developing a programs to find a place inside the hotel. Well, the main idea actually is like a Hotel Virtual Tour. On my head, I think that it can build with blender game engine.

Just like create a 3rd person game, just it likely more simple, to navigate all of inside hotel, but add features (menu/or input) to find a place. For example, this program placed at Lobby, then we want to find a room number 414 (which mean on the 4th floor). Then this program will show it (navigate just like 3rd person games movement) walk to room 414, go to stairs and walk around till found room 414.

I’ve learn it that it may possible with python script, with A star algorithm, for looking a place from lobby to room A or go to room B. But I just don’t figure it how to create a mark (or identity) between places (room). Or perhaps I can create Empty Object per room and name the object with unique ID for each room? Then apply it with python and combine it with navigation menu, or an input text to find room number. That’s really I don’t know at all. I just know a little about python script, but I already had an A STAR algorithm samples from this forum.

Has anybody can give me ideas, how to make it possible? Or perhaps give me an examples, or URL to tutorials about it. I’ve trying to search on this forum, but haven’t found it yet. Need help from others who has more experience than me :frowning:

I’m sorry if my words has a lot of mistakes and maybe can make confused, because I’m come from Indonesia and my English is not very well enough.


Redy Basuki

You can make this using some pathfinding script that can be found on the forum. Everything else is just modeling.Try searching for Pathfinding AI

here you can find some nice tuts/demos from a banned member:

Because you are in a building and there will limited node you can do this without pathfinding.

Place nodes all over the building.
Add properties to those nodes such as that if you were to go to room A each node would have a property saying which node to go to from there to get to room A.

Its pretty simple but does take a long time so it can be tedious if the building is large.

Also, I attached a little .blend, I don’t know if you’re interested in it but a while ago I was making a flood fill algorithm for finding passable space in interiors. I dropped this so its not really done.


flood.blend (140 KB)

Thanks for replying, I’m gonna take a look for those tutorial.