question about wave effect...

(Ecks) #1

I want to make something that fall in the water…at the point of impact I want a very big and high circle wave to emerge and go to the camera…I try to make it with the wave effect but it only work when I put only one axis…like y or x but even then the wave is very small…can someone help me? Thank you…or if you dont understand what I mean by this please put a link to a wave tutorial. Thank you!

(blengine) #2

hey X, ive had a lil trouble with waves, they act differently each time i open blende rit seems, lol… well, i made a zip of the wave affect for ya, i hope its the kind you were looking for.

its a sphere falling into the water and a circle wave being created on impact… to make higher waves, just add a new particle layer with the same settings, it will double the height of the waves…

(Ecks) #3

tx alot imgranpaboy…this is exactly what I wanted! :slight_smile: