Question about weapon switching for third person

Could anyone explain a method to me where i would be able to make my player pull out a weapon and have a different walk animation when he has that weapon out and be able to put the weapon back hopefully using the same key. And if its not too much hopefully you can also explain how i would go about using a different weapon such as a bow. cause its kinda boring walking around always holding the same weapon.

I wouldtry to use a property system, such as

property gun1 = 1 and play action walk1
visibility gun1 = visible
property gun1 =2 and play action walk2
visibility gun1 = invisible

all that would be left is would be to add the keyboard key and tell it to add +1 to a property

Please note this is not exactly correct, you would probably have to use a few message bricks as well to send messages back and forth between two objects (Gun and Player)

alright i tested it and when i press the key to make weapon visible and have it at the walk it only plays the walk once then it bugs out on me and freezes my player at the last position
when i put the weapon back it freezes my player i think this is gunna be a litle more complicated then i thought lol…well im trying to get a feel kind of like “KRUM”

Your action settings are wrong, in your logic bricks change play to Loop End

Send me the files and I’ll fix them for you if you’d like.

i figured this out recently, and it has revolutionized how i have been doing logic bricks. use the state system. it just lets you set different “modes” for an object or something, and you can switch between them. this link explains it pretty fully.

if you want, i can just send you a blend that has an example, or send me a blend and i can set it up.

can you show me your blend file ide rather learn it then have it done for me thanks guys