[question]AVI problem

I made an animation and renedered it now I have like 100 pictures in my /tmp folder but how do I make a AVI movie out of it?

By default Blender renders to single pictures. Go to Scene (F10) and on the Format panel you will see a drop down box that says jpeg change it to AVI Jpeg and rerender this will create an AVI file for you.

thx you saved my life :slight_smile:

Also though… most video editors can import a series of images as a video sequence.

And personally I like rendering to images better. Mostly because if I render to an avi file I have to wait for the entire render to finish till I can see the result… which can be a long time in some cases. If you render to images you can have a look at all the ones that are done whilst blender works on the rest. It works well that way.

hmm I have a slightly different problem…it has to do with animation so no need to make a new topic I guess.anyway…I want to import a .gif I made in photoshop and add a snow effect in blender but I cant import the .gif file :/.

does any1 know hwo to solve this?

  1. Space>Add>Plain
  2. F5 Material Butons and Add new material
  3. F6 Texture Buttons to add texture
  4. Set Texture Type to Image
  5. Load Image i.e. your gif file

Actually I don’t believe Blender handles animated GIFs. I just tried loading some, but it only recognized the first frame. It could be the GIF format though.

However, the method you gave is not quite that simple: you’re leaving out a few texturing options.

So once you’ve made your plane and have given it a material, and added a new texture of type image (using your .gif or .avi), you must press the green ‘movie’ toggle button, and then you have to set the frame range under the Anim & Movie tab just to the right.

You should also enable the material’s Shadeless property. Then just add your snow particle system in between the plane and the camera, set the camera’s resolution to the image resolution and line up the plane so that it just fills the camera’s perspective. The camera should also be put into Ortho view also (select your camera and go to the edit buttons).

Hmm my reading of the post was that the gif was to be a background and the snow would be the animation. It was not specified that the gif was an animation only that he wanted to do am animation. Either way what we supplied should be of help/

there are a lot of utilities that can convert GIF to AVI and vice versa. Also, you could look into the sequence editor for adding things like snow

Is there some sort of camera tutorial because I dont know how to do simple things like this for example

The free TMPGEnc software compiles images into an avi. I agree with macuono that this is a preferred method, also in case of system crash/failure, you still get all the frames up to the failure.

I would recommend just animating the snow by itself in blender with alpha turned on, then compositing the frames over the gif frames in a 2d app (PShop or equiv.)