Question bout blender

(Dillthegrea) #1

Hello, im a avid fan of blender and i like many people were really dissapointed when blender went bankrupt , I read at that there was news about blenders progress the site quotes " Elysiun are at the moment probably the best place to get information on the future of Blender" , my question is to the elysium community what is happeneing with blender ??, i have been reading some posts and all i have really seen is some fraud called x10 trying to claim he is making a blender/cinema program? is there any REAL news on what is happening on this forum ?
I remember reading along while back on blender’s site that claimed if it went bankrupt they would open source blender is that still the case ?
any real information on blender would be great

(acasto) #2

check this out

(blengine) #3

blender hopefully will return in one form or another…ton(big blender head leader dude) has posted a few updates in the news and chat and i beleive acastos link is one of them, until we hear anything serious about its return, why dont u chill here with us? =) elysiun is awesome

(sten) #4

Dillthegreat, don’t pay attention to this X10 guy if you haven’t been
confronting him, we have asked and joked around a bit,
but don’t listen to what he says… 8)