Question bout texturing cpmic eyes

Hey guys,

So, I’m pretty new to blender and I have already faced many problems but it’s still lot of fun solving them. :wink:
In my actual project i’m modeling and animating a lego-character and I have a little question about texturing the eyes. I already made him pupils but I want to make the pupils grow and shrink, bks I want my lego-guy to go on a trip. So I think I once saw someone in a video who moved a loop around the actual mesh of the object and not only i a specific Coordinate or such… And I don’t mean the proportional tool.

Does anybody know a shortcut or something to what I mean?

Greetings QlymaX

Sounds like Shape Keys fit there…

Wow lol! Sry, I already figured it out by my self. What I was looking for was “Edge Slide” :stuck_out_tongue:
But thx for the blend-file, I already know what shape keys are but I had to find a method with which im able to get those loops back around the mesh of the 3-D eye :slight_smile: “Edge-Slide” :smiley: or is there even something better?