Question: color change after sequence rendered as video file

I have a sequence set of few seconds animation in PNG files.
I open new default blender window. Set up size, frame rate, codec and mp4 container and add those PNGs as sequence.
Click render and see that final video has pale colors, a dramatic shift in colors in render result. While preview in blender has correct colors.
What am I doing wrong?

Hello maybe the color managment is set to filmic when you render your video ?

Yep as I said its default new blender window. What should I set it to?
I tried none - still has color shift.

Default its set to filmic and you can try to set it to standard

Unfortunately does not work.
see screenshot attached. At the bottom animation played after sequence rendered. at the top blender preview.
You can see green color is different by several shades.

ah ok and you render output format what are the settings ?

Any video settings.
File format: FFmpeg video
Container: MPEG-4
Video Codec: H.264 (tried WEBM, MPEG-X)
Quality: Perceptually Losless (tried lossless as well)