Question for about modeling

I want to create a 3D world war 2 plane. I have almost no expeince using blender:(

I know you can take a photo and sorta use that as a reference and create a plane that way. Any tips? I haven’t found any tutorials yet. Thanks a lot!

what experience do you have?

are you looking to texture, shade and render the model too?

if so you may find the following website handy:

as it has many excellent video tutorials, and lots of very good written tutorials. i don’t know about specifically modelling a plane, but if you have orthographic views of the plane you want to model, then it is fairly simple to model the plane from there.

okay, I have 2 days of experience, I edit videos using Final Cut and After Effects so I’m not new to the terms. All I have the plane is a photo from Google Images.

Do you know how to model? Go to youtube and search for super3boy tutorials. They will teach you how to model simple things and based on that you can model your plane.

Thanks, but can you tell me how to color different sections of the plane and add signs such as an American Jet symbol?

Since you are new the best thing for you is to create new objects for each section for a different colors. That is, if the body of the plane and wings are a different color then make sure they are two separate objects. Once you have that done you are gonna select the object you want to add color and hit F5. Then just click on AddNew. Thats where you can assign material (color, texture and so on)

And for a jet symbol you going to need how to UV unwrap, look for tuts on that too