Question for Admin or Mod

I know this is probably a stupid idea, therefore, instead of getting my hand smacked, I figured I would ask first… Wasn’t that smart of me? :smiley:

I was wondering if we could have a thread (in off-topic), where if we kept it clean, anyone having a bad day could go to, and complain, gripe and moan to get it off their chest. I know I could use one of these most days… :slight_smile: However, as we don’t want it becoming a constant smackdown between users, ( as well as the facts that I don’t want to get in trouble for starting it, and you don’t want to have to moderate it) I figured I would ask first. If you think it would be okay, either post to this forum and I will see it, or send me a PM.

My guess is, if it’s okay to go through with this, I could have one of the most popular threads in a couple of months… :slight_smile:

If people think this is a good (or bad) idea, let me know by posting here.

Also, where are the forum rules posted? I was looking for these earlier for input into this dillema…

Nathan ([email protected])

Edit: Nevermind the last question, found the forum rules.

2nd edit: As there have been no replies, should I just go ahead and do this anyway?

Focus that moan/anger/gripe into something more positively productive. What seems like a helpful sensation at first will turn out to be perpetuating the self pity in the long run. Think about the billions of people less fortunate than you and get on with life, get on with learning. MIT, Stanford and UNSW have fantastic youtube channels.

make a thread dedicated to moaning etc and everyone that frequents it will sound like an old infirm lady in and oldfolks home. (no disrespect to the elderly or the infirm, even they would agree you could spend your time better)

Nothing against threads like that in Offtopic, but they have a tendency to get a bit abusive and flamey. When that happens, threads get locked. Also bear in mind that everything you post is absolutely public. A lot of people get burned in meatspace for things that they’ve written in anger online. Imagine everything you’re posting is on a giant billboard that everyone can see… and choose your words accordingly.

Just some things to keep in mind.