question for everybody

Where are some of the other places you have heard blender talked about?

The reason I ask is I also play Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 which now supports making your own 3d seanry (sorry spelling has never been a strong subject of mine) and I was browsing thru a forum of their’s to find new objects and there it was someone asking if blender could be used with the object editor to make new objects (and it can you just render it as a targa file —> convert to bmp ----> import to object editor save as .dat file and boom new object)

I just thought it was funny to see blender talked about in a forum I never thought it would be part of. although some of the people there seem to be scared of the learning curve of blender and think its to hard to learn but if you are just creating 3d objects I find blender easier to use than most other modeling programs (took a while to learn the interface but that is normal for learning a new program).

any other unusual places anyone has seen blender talked about?

oh yeah one of the reasons I brought this up is it alright if I see people asking how to do different things in blender in the other forum is it alright if I send them here to get help?

I haven’t seen blender in any place I didn’t expect. And go ahead send everybody with questions here, that’s why we are here. The more the merrier.

Just saw one asking on a danish newssite if blender could be used with the new Pixar renderfarm :wink: