Question (for Hos)

(Goofster) #1

Lyubomir told me you animated a telephone cable, did you do it with armatures?or RVK?
can you please explain your method? I wanna use it for a for a new (TOP SECRET) animation.



(Hos) #2

Hi Roel,

The animation in question is this one:

and the blend is here:

The technique for this is:

  • The ‘center’ of the phone cord is at the end of the cord that the reciever is on, and
    the cord is parented to the reciever. (or you can parent both the reciever and
    the cord to an empty).
  • An offscreen empty is used to represent where the base of the phone is. The phone
    cord always points at this empty using a ‘Tracking’ constraint (ctrl-T, I think).
  • The phone cord has a base RVK that is bent, and 2 RVK’s that stretch and compress it.
    You can fudge these RVK’s such that the end of the phone cord always lands on top
    of the empty that represents the phone base (or pretty close, anyways).

This isn’t a perfect technique, but it is passable for when the base of the phone isn’t
visible in the scene.

Good luck!

(WeirdHat) #3

It seems to me like it would be much simpler to use armatures, with some simple IK.

(Hos) #4

Sounds good – do you have an example to show us?


(theeth) #5

Actually, I just thought of a good way to do that, which would be to split the bone chain in the cable in 2. both IK chains pointing toward the middle, where an ik solver can be put to move the middle of the cable. You could also do it the other way (both chain pointing toward the extremities).

I’ll try to do a .blend to illustrate that.


(Hos) #6

Just what I thought – you young punks are all talk, no action! 8)
(Meanwhile the only animated phone cord is the one with RVK’s!)


(theeth) #7

Actually, I have it done, I just need a good place to put the file online.

If you want to peak at it, I can still mail it to you.


(Goofster) #8

cool, can you mail it to: [email protected] ?

(Goofster) #9

theeth send me the file, it’s very helpful and I upped it at some spare webspace I have:

for any of you who want to see it too


(harkyman) #10

Nice concept. I’ll put this to use on a swishing cat’s tail.