Question for moderators

This is not a put down or hate post and I hope the moderators will understand I am genually concerned. Why has Fatman not been banned? He is rude and I believe the initial sign up agreement states no rude comments (I think). In any event I just had that question as a general concern for the appearence of this forum to others.
Moderators please dont block this, I did not title it with fatmans name and I am simply trying to figure out your guys logic in keeping a person of this nature.

use PM to solve such problems, man !

they keep me around, and i am rude obnoxious, smelly, fat, a man, and a rant-boy :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

i have never heard of fatman, so i cannot coment on his rudeness etcetera.


Because you alltaken are one of the blender gods…that is why they havent banned you…

Did you spell rent wrong? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah, Theeth has a thing with his mom ;).

But who is this fatman? I haven’t seen him around. If he’s rude enough, the mods will ban him as they see fit. Everyone has to get a fair chance.

Nah, just with valarking’s mom.

Alltaken’s mom is scary, she posed for that mullet picture of his. :wink:


I took the time to browse Fatmans posts, and also replied about this concern in a thread in ‘Contests’ in a nice way, so we have an eye out now :slight_smile:

and for the others, it became quite off-topic…

by searching for fatman youl see all the posts he posted on. I havent seen 1 nice comment from him

quotes from fatman

HA do you think that is good :<

:< :< :< :< :<

You all hurt CG for all of us :<

Er no time for insults :<

There are much more of these ones. just take a search. He acthully started out nice in the contest area, but since no one replayd in a while he got mad again.
i dont think he is here to use blender, he is here to say stupid things to people that acthully can make things in 3D , becaus he cant make annything. He is to lasy to learn blender or anny other 3D programs. But he realy wants to make something cool. Thats what i think.

OK, ztonzy has PM’ed him and we will be keeping an eye on him.

Again, please take this type of stuff up via PM with an admin or a mod. The general fourms are not the place to start, nor discuss this type of stuff.


no, I didn’t PM him, but I replied to his thread in ‘Contest’ - forum

if he doesn’t get that…we’ll might put on the workgloves :wink:

Don’t think we haven’t thought about it…

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: