Question for YouTube users...again

Hey everyone, I’m back with another YouTube-related question :wink:

So I have a 2-part tutorial on my channel (see my signature), and I’m wondering how I can link them together so that Part 2 starts automatically when Part 1 is done (I believe it’s called the Auto-Play feature, or something)

is there a way to do this for specific videos, or just all the uploads? and, even then, do I need the Pro-version or something?

thanks! :smiley:


I think you have to go to the ‘My Video’s’ option which should show up when you click your channel name. Then it should show an option called ‘My Playlists’. There you can make a playlist at which you can add multiple videos. Then the user who’s viewing your video can select to automatically play all the videos in your playlist, or he can just manually select them.

(Btw I think you have to have both part 1 and 2 already uploaded to your channel before you can add them to your playlist.)

it works! Thanks Rednaz! :smiley: