Question from a Thief game lover: texturing

I love the game Thief made by Eidos. I love the way things look in Thief. Especially the buildings.

Is the program Blender the right program to create scenes like the ones in the game Thief? Are there other programs? How long does it take to be able to really create scenes like the ones I see in the game Thief?

There are several Thief games, now if you’re talking about Thief 1 or Thief 2 , the game editor used to build missions is Dromed , here’s a tutorial to use it :

Someone started to write some scripts for Blender to export/import Thief 2 stuff no idea if it can work with the most recent version of Blender or about the level of completion of those tools, but still if you want to build Thief 1&2 mission you’ll have to use Dromed :

Now if you’re talking about later Thief games, no idea sorry.

I know Dromed and I know that the ones who made fangames complained heavily about it because it crashed so often because it was so buggy. I don’t want to create another fangame for Thief. I am interested in creating similar images.

What about Blender? How easy/difficult is it to create an image one can see in a Thief game with Blender? Take for instance this image:

See the balcony? See the door? See the lanterns and the light emanating from it?
Is blender the program to use to create something similar? If so, how would you go about?

I know this is a complete newbie question but I have to start somewhere.

Ah i see, i thought you wanted to create content for the thief games.

Of course Blender can be used to model great scenes, but be warned that it’s a lot of work, require lots of experience and talent to be able to achieve great scenes.
It’s definitively not something you’ll be able to produce when being new to Blender (or to any other modelling program).

Your best bet is to find a tutorial that is about medieval scenes so you can start learning around the subject you’re wanting to achieve (google for medieval/castle scene in Blender can find many results).
Then when you’re roughly starting to get familiar with the modelling process to achieve what you want, you’ll have to learn on how to use the various compositing and rendering techniques to give some “atmospheric” touch to your model, again not something you’ll be able to do in a few week, fortunately googling for tutorial will again gives plenty of results to get started.

Thanks, Sanctuary. That is something to work with.

I think it’s fair to say that Blender is difficult simply because 3D modelling is a very large and complex skill, so I doubt there is any easy software. But it’s very rewarding when you achieve results, that is what I am finding anyway. So if you have the time and dedication, it is worth it. Blender itself is certainly capable of creating pretty much anything you desire.