Question: GameKit book useful for 2.35 Blender new user?

hello! i am new to Blender, and would very much like to get my feet wet making some simple games. i see the GameKit book available on the site, but since i also see that it was written when an older Blender version was current, i am wondering if it will be of use for a new user of Blender 2.35 … or will it cause more confusion than clarity?

as a side question, does anyone know of a timeline for the publication of an updated version of the GameKit book?

thanks; glad to be here!

  • aqaraza

I would say yeah it is still useful, for a beginer I think the concepts remain
the same. almost all logic bricks are still the same, and I think the mouse wheel is
the only new addition to logic bricks.
For python check out all the new features here

there are some good tutorials for getting your feet wet here
and another good way to learn is to check out other peoples blend files

have fun

thanks for the tips!

  • aqaraza