Question: Grabbing objects, with Constraints (animation)

this obviously was asked before, I tryed to search @ google and here,
not sucessfull, but I guess I remember something about it, a few time ago.

I’m learning animation and I’m doing some new exercices, this time trying
to lif rocks, grab stuff, etc. I would like to use emptyes or some kind of
constraints, to have the hands blocked to the rock, etc

I believe theres a tutorial around, about this. Please let me know if you know
something about this.

OBS: Anyway I’ll do the best I can, with my own ideas. But of course, if you know
something please let me know! I would love to see other prespectives and ideas. Tks

Whoops wrong post.

I’ll see if I can find that for ya.

Found this.

Thanks for your sugestion!