[QUESTION]How to get Real time value.

As I am a newbie of using Python API…I have a stupid question.
How to get real time value of an object using GameLogic blender 2.49

In the Text Editor I have a script named AAA, which looks like:

import GameLogic
from Blender import *
from Blender import Object, Scene, Mathutils
Camera_ob= Object.Get('Camera')
Camera_mat = Camera_ob.getMatrix()

Then in the ButtonWindow, I created a 4Keyboard sensors (Move with WSAD, like FPS control) linked with 4 AND Controllers that linked with 4Camera Motion control+1 pythonScript (calling AAA in the text editor) bricks. It looks like:

When I start engine with button ‘P’, while clicking WSAD buttons, my output always has the same matrix…How to retrieve real time values of an object that is control by Button Window(Logic bricks?)