QUESTION | How to make water 'drip' Fluid simulation help!

Hey guys,
I’m a little new to blender(Started a couple days ago) but bear with me here.

I believe Ive managed to grasp the basics of this program and have managed to set up a couple of different fluid simulations(Using tutorials of course). Anyhow, on to the actual question; I wanted to create a realistic render of a tap, with water dripping down, like singular drops every 3-4 seconds sort of thing. Don’t worry about the Tap, I can model it easily, textures, got it under control(I hope). Just that the fluid part is the thing. How would I go about doing it? Do I set the preset fluid to ‘honey’ or something…? Do I put a small UV Sphere inside the tap to create small amounts of fluid?

A bit long, so thanks for reading so far.
Any help will be greatly appreciated!

tl;dr - I want to create a tap with water dripping down every few seconds. The water has to collect at the rim and then fall, not just immediately fall out. Thanks!


for a single drop I wouldn’t go with fluid sim. Ridgid body in combination with soft body is, in this case, the better choice.
I am pretty busy right now, but if you give me a couple of days I will forge up a short tutorial for you. To make it more realistic
you should throw shape keys and some modifiers in there.
You will see what I mean shortly.

Sorry for the late reply!
I would absolutely love a tutorial, never thought of using a soft body object. I haven’t hear of shape keys though, be interested to find out.
Thanks in advance!:slight_smile: