[QUESTION]how to Set projection refernetial fo the Camera?


anybody knows how to set a 3D plane(3D plane uses as the projection plane) as the projection referential of the camera?


Does it have to be a plane? You can simply set a background image (or movie) for your camera as well, which won’t appear in the render but is used as a reference.


You go to blenders preferences.
Then under editing you look for “New Objects:”, “Align to:” and set it from “World” to “View”
Whenever you add an object now, it´s Z axis matches the normal of the projection plane of the camera.

make a “track to” constraint from the plane to an empty, use snap cursor to snap it to the camera, snap the empty to the cursor location, then the empty ends at the cams position, parent the empty to the camera and the plane is always in the projection plane of the camera.
alternatively you can apply the constraint and remove the empty if it is a static setup