Question (Inconsistency?) About Linking to Actions; NLA

In a master flle, I’ve defined four actions. They all have fake-user; they are all saved in the file. But I’m seeing some inconsistencies … and I’m not able to see the three seemingly-“inconsistent” action objects in the NLA of a file that links to this one.

To the library file: In Outliner view …

  • Under Scene … Armature … Animation, I see one action listed. (Actually, I don’t need this one, it has no fake-user, but I can’t figure out how to get rid of it.) The other three actions are not here.
  • With “Blender File” selected in the combo, I can navigate to Current File … actions and see all four actions here. In this view, I also see a Current file … armatures level but cannot drill-down further into it.
  • When this file is open, any action can be found by “Add…Action” in the NLA Editor, but only the one action that is seen attached to Armature…Animation shows up automatically.

So, it intuitively seems to me that the other three Action blocks are not where they need to be in the data structure, or something.

Anyhow, the immediate problem is that while I can Link to an Action within the library file (as well as to the Group which contains the character, its armature and so-forth), no strips appear in the NLA editor of the linking file, nor can I add a strip, nor do any actions other than the one that’s linked to the armature (the one I can’t get rid of) show-up in the list of actions that can be added.

:slight_smile: I guess that, basically, I just don’t understand what the user-interface is trying to tell me.

What I want to do is: to link to the group containing the character, its armature and so-on, and there find all of the actions and to be able to successfully work with them in NLA as I can do in the master file to which it links.


Aren’t actions supposed to all be children of an Armature, beneath an Animation node? Aren’t the three actions that I speak of in the wrong place?

Recent tutorials (for the most-current Blenders) that specifically talk about linking to actions?