Question involving sfx

I would like to edit an animation i made into a live action clip i have. How would i go about doing this?

and is there a way to render something with an alpha?

and finally…

I’ve been told you can do “green screening” in blender.

i know these might be pretty dumb questions, but i was just wondering! :slight_smile:

Just to clarify, SFX is how it’s done with physical elements, VFX is how it’s done with computers.

Alpha is accomplished via the RGBA button on the format tab (F10). Be sure to select a format that supports alpha, e.g. OpenExr, .png, .tif, etc. You’ll likely need to track the shot also. Icarus is outdated, unsupported and slow so try Voodoo:

Keying tutorials…EXCELLENT!:

Click on the tutorials section.

I read on that guy also has a DVD for more advanced matting techniques with Blender (garbage matting, etc…).