Question! New to blender and..

Hello all, New to blender, Always been interesting in making stuff and finally someone convined me to start, I spent about three days doing nothing but watching tutorials and playing with buttens before i atempted to realy do something. As part of my training I have decided to make a simple sword, Well it started simple, Then i added edges, Bevels and other stuff, Its starting to look neat, But the handle alone has so many verts that its hard to get them all, rotate, click them all again ect without grabbing others from the hilt or pommel of the sword.

My question is this.
Is it possible to select all the verts, faces, edges. And like… How to word it… Save them? So i can press a button and bam, The entire hilt is selected or the entire pommel, blade ect?

Create a vertex group
You can then add / remove vertices from the group and select / deselect the vertices in that group

Alternatively add a separate material to each set of faces and select the faces using that material

Also, it’s not uncommon for a complex object like that, which would normally be in separate parts anyway, to be modeled as “separate” meshes. Now, if you have a complex scene, you might want to have them all combined into a single object, but a mesh can contain “loose” parts, in which case, all you would have to do would be to hover your mouse over one of these parts and press the “L” key to select that mesh “island”.

And there are a number of ways you can add to selections on the Select menu. For example, you can select objects that have the same material, objects that are parents of the current object, or children, are part of the same group and many more. There are even ways to select objects with a certain number of sides on a face… There are all kinds of ways to make selections, each with their uses.

In addition to using the materials as noted above by Richard, you can also do a similar thing through the Vertex Groups panel on the Object Data properties tab (the one that looks like a triangle). It works in the same way. You add a slot (which you can name), then you can add or remove vertices to the group. Once they are in the group (whether through a material group as above or through the vertex groups I just pointed out), then you can select and deselect them as you need to.

Of course, to use any of the ‘make a vertex group’, ‘use different materials’, ‘select by loose parts, parent-child relationships’, or any of the other methods Blender offers, you have to first select all the vertices of the hilt, blade, etc, and no others.

One of the techniques I use for doing that first selection, when I discover my mesh is getting so complex I need to do that, is by selecting and hiding a few obvious vertices (on the hilt, say…) then selecting a few more and hiding them, and so on until I’ve got the entire thing I want hidden. Then, I unhide everything, and everything hidden comes back at once, all selected, and I can make a vertex group out of it, or turn it into a separate object (I generally use vertex groups.)

Another technique that sometimes works (depending on the topology – might work for the blade) is to select a few vertices at the pointy end, then press Ctrl Plus, which will add adjacent vertices to your selection (Ctrl Minus reverses the process if you go too far.)

Once you have one vertex group done, you can also use it to adjust your other vertex groups: suppose you have a vertex group ‘hilt’. Then you box select the pommel and part of the hilt. You can then deselect the ‘hilt’ vertices from your new selection, leaving you with only the pommel, which you now make into a new vertex group ‘pommel’.

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