Question of physic and rigid body.

Hi there.

Could you help me please?:mad:

I need to do some test on blender physics but I can be able to obtain good reslut.
I have a box I gave an ipo on Y movement. Inside of the box there is a sphere…
After some movement the sphere go out of the box… but that is impossibile.
Can anyone explain me where is the error?
Could you test my file
Thanks in advance


Analisi_24settebre02.blend (498 KB)

the sphere has IPO -that wh it is not as rigid body and that why it goes up and down later. press sphere, open animation view, press A and press x (to delete spheres IPO) - than your spehre will be like normal rigid body and go with box together.

oh i see its notw orking. than just add new sphere that it would be inside cube as rigid body.

thanks for you help…But after some time the sphere go out of the box…:eek:
I added new sphere but the sphere goes out…
what can you suggest me?
thanks for your help and patiente!!:smiley:

You can’t generally place one rigid body inside of another rigid or static body. (without a new .blend that’s what it seems like you’re trying to do). I got it to work by setting the cube to “traingle mesh” bounds.

I believe this is because of the way that bullet calculates collisions (if it finds that the volume of two meshes intersect, it counts that as a collision).

Thanks a lot…
I don’t know why I continue to have the same problem…
Let me can explain what I want to do… I want to make a simulation with a ball inside a box give 4 type of movement of box. (longitudinal,trasversal and with a rotation and all in one).
So I want to try change the gravity of the bals…
I change the propiety but the balls go out… what can I do?
Thanks for you help!


Analisi_24settebre03_modificato.blend (462 KB)

the bounding box for your ball is half the size of the ball and it seems that you started with the ball intersecting the floor plane. I moved the ball up along the z axis and it did not fall through the wall when I pressed play. I’m not certain if this helps or what you are going for, but good luck sir.

I make the modification but after 50 frame the balls pass the box:eek:
What is wrong in that simulation?
Thanks in advance for the help and patience!!


Analisi_24settebre04_modificato.blend (515 KB)

that one proved to be more of an issue I think the construction of your box may have a bit to do with it the structure isn’t a single solid interior but rather two overlapping ones… I’ll look again tomorrow see if I can get it working with the new modifications… what exactly are you trying to achieve with this one?