Question on 2.5

Just curious. Used Blender for many years. Followed and learned all the features until now… but for some reason - haven’t really followed the devlopment of 2.5

I’m wondering how much different things are going to be. Will my previous blender knowledge make a smooth transition to this new version - or has so much changed with how you deal with things that it’s pretty much going to be another big learning curve…

In my opinion, and in all honesty, the only thing that may be difficult to learn in the new keymap. From what I’ve been reading, they’re drastically changing some standards that many blenderers are used to. Then again, I also heard that most of the changes were still in a mock-up phase, so… If you know how to use Blender, and have used it for years like I have, then you shouldn’t have much of a problem at all readjusting to 2.5. The only significant learning curve should be for those that are completely new to Blender 2.5, or have never used it before.

But honestly, I don’t think the devs would make huge, drastic changes that would sink professional and experienced Blender users.

The UI is new, most of the tools work the same or very similar. The internal is very different, but we users don’t have to care that much about it. Of course we can reap the benefits, such as customisable keymaps and animatable…everything :slight_smile:

You can start getting used to ngons, probably voxels, NPR rendering, some of the new animation tools and possibilities, new NURBS functions if you are interested, the new particles functions (or boids 2), always nice to master how to use smoke, some matchmoving, the new UI and macros. If you are interested in the GE, there will be many changes there, and a more nodebased workflow is being developed right now (99% sure).

Of coarse there will be some things you have to get used to, but it cant take more than a week, and all the features is something that’s just fantastic to learn more about.

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oh, in the game engine part

There is a new API for scripting, so if you are into scripting, you will have to re-learn that.

i downloaded one of the test builds last night, hoping to work with the new volumetrics. i was a little surprised at how different the UI is… i’m not saying i don’t like it, but it looks like it’s going to take some getting used to. sort of reminds me of the old 3DS max layout… hopefully they’ll release a bunch of tuts on how to use the new interface :stuck_out_tongue:

maybe they’ll have a “switch to blender classic” button :smiley:

Month ago when i tested 2.5 first time and now i have dropped 2.4 series because it was so messy GUI and hard to use. 2.4x history bye.

I heard Ton wants each artist to make a tutorial each week for the duration of Durian. That should be helpful for the transition. I think the biggy is the switch to python 3 because many old scripts will not work. You’ll probably need to fire up 2.49 to run a script then import the results back into your 2.5 file.

How to learn Blender 2.5:

  • play with the latest 2.5 build from Graphicall
  • watch Michael Fox’s 2.5 Tours (search in blog archive)

and you’re definitely halfway there.

Really, it’s that easy…