Question on BevelDepth

Is there a way to set BevelDepth via a python script? I’ve looked all over the web but couldn’t find any script that demonstrated how to do it.

Or perhaps I’m going about this completely wrong… here’s the script as I’ve gotten it to work so far…

The intent here is to draw a straight line between two points that is visible when I render the scene. Drawing the curve just makes the curve appear. Once this script has run I flip to the “buttons” page and manually set “Bevel Depth” (right below Width and Extrude) to 0.1. This make the curve (straight line really) visible, but I can’t seem to figure out how to set “BevelDepth” to 0.1 within my python script…

from Blender import *

currScene = Scene.GetCurrent()

cu = Curve.New(“firstCurve”)
startPoint = BezTriple.New(1,1,1)
endPoint = BezTriple.New(10,10,10)

cu_nurb = cu[0]

ob =