Question on camera clipping inside BGE

If an object is currently not within the clipping distance min/max (wholely or even partially) defined region, am I correct to believe that it is not being rendered by the gpu.

I have attatched a .blend where I have 2 scenes. A foreground scene and Midground scene with mid set to a background scene. I have a camera in each scene dividing the entire clipping area in half. The cameras share the same motion logic by the keyboard w/s. The foreground has geometry with more faces and the midground of course has lower poly count. Now with a simple scene like this, this simple setup works for a LOD system. But realistically would this approach fail in a more complex game? Would I need python control to load and unload models.


LODlogicBricks.blend (694 KB)

Ok I was messing around with the file and I bumped up the face count to over 500,000 on the forground scene. Now in the veiwport it was sluggish with that count but in the BGE i was getting 60 fps and 89/90 % rasterizer. I had to disable collision but I would have a less complicated mesh running collision anyways.