question on combining objects

Hi everyone, this is my first post and I’m new to blender as well so go easy on me, these forums have been a great help thus far and has answered a lot of my questions without even needing to post anything. I did the best I could to find out if someone else already posted a question like this first but could not find it, so here goes…
My scenario:
I am trying to make a simple character model for a video game. I had the head done in one file and the body in another file and now I want to join them together at the neck. So I did an append and brought the body and head together in one file. So now I have two seperate objects, the head and the body in my outliner pane.
As far as I’ve learned thus far, meshes that i want to connect by vertices or rather “merge” must be part of the same object if i’m not mistaken?
so my question is, if i put everything together into one object, is that a bad thing when it comes to animation, texturing, and whatever else comes my way?
I haven’t gotten that far yet and I don’t want to make the next leap of work and find out I’m doing it all wrong. cause i don’t think there would be a way to take them apart in seperate objects once i have them all hooked together later?

thanks guys, I hope my question was clear enough.

Everything Ive seen on character modeling seems to show that the parts of the body belong to one Object. To attach the heady and the torso with planes, I think they almost certainly have to be one Object. I can’t think of any reason that they should be left separate.
As for splitting a single object into multiple objects … That’s a great question but unfortunately I have no idea.

thanks a lot, that’s what i needed to know,
“Continuing happily.”
:slight_smile: make 2 objects into 1

select both objects press control j to join them into 1 mesh i think in object mode
do fine adjust such as merging vertices in edit mode after that

  1. to divide an object into separate objects
    go into edit mode
    select parts to separate from the object
    press p to separate in parts!!

theres also another interesting way.
if you create the objects in edit mode, when you go into object mode they will be one object. Back in edit mode you can select one vertice or face,
then press select linked verts to select the object you want to work on.
don’t know if this would be any good for animation.