question on file??

hello i hope i post in the right area, and hopefully the question isnt to stupid. ive been trying to open up zip files to my laptop (macbook) to use hdri and a blendswap material in blender but this time it say unable to expand error 2 in the mac achieve utility and in zipeg it says corrupt…never had problems with other hdri or blendswap. anyone knows whats going on and help me out sorry not good with software/hardware. and if i need another zip file software you guys know any free good one?

Well, if two different zip unpackers say that file is defective, it most likely really is. Sometimes data corruption can occur during downloads: Just try to download that zip archive again.

I just googled that “Error Code 2”: No such file or directory…
Permissions are all right? Is that zip archive password protected?

no i dont think there is a password protected just because one of the blend file i tried to download from blendswap i notice alot of download for that blend file .

I just asked for password protection because - from what I have read, I’m a WIndows guy - the Archive Utility can fail to ask for the password and throw up exactly the error message you posted.

As I said, I would not want to rule out data corruption during your download. Try to download that file again.