Question on game development, alpha channel problems, linear velocity, force, etc.

Hi! I tested a game today that me and a few friends are developing, and we encounter lots of issues, objects with alpha channel interpolate on the camera view, i will post screenshots if they are really need, but the problem is simple and happens every time you place 2 objects with alpha, like a tree and a grass, so the grass even that its in front of the tree, when you hit play §, they seem to be mixed together, to move the character we are using force and linear velocity, but im unsure if its the best way, anyone could suggest something more accurate?
The camera slow parenting doesn’t really work, also i tried to lock it in on the z so it doesnt move up and down, but it still does, when the character jump, i suppose its because the camera its parented to the character… :frowning: Well guys sorry to be so bothersome but we need your help…
Thanks in advance.

Alpha can be a bit tricky to use. A screen shot could be helpful.

If you are getting bad sorting on a single mesh, it is likely because you are mixing quads and tris (they are sorted separately).

If you have problems with sorting between objects, try changing the Alpha Blend mode in the Game Settings section of the Material Panel (while the renderer is set to Blender Game) to Alpha sort.

A .blend can be better to help