Question on how to separate


Is there any way to separate a mesh into submeshes automatically?
I attached a simple example of what I mean. (of course my object is much more complicated and consists of hundreds of connected faces, where I need this option)
In my example I have two connected cubes. Now I want to separate them automatically without selecting the vertices manually. So blender should create new closed meshes if meshes share a faces. Is that possible?

Thanks for any idea!

hey man,

what i read somewhere (and its worked for me) is that you can select all the faces and extrude them as individual faces (by pushing Alt E and then selecting individual). You then invert selection and delete so youre only left with your individual faces To then seperate those into individual objects you can select all the faces and hit P and then select from the dropdown menu ‘loose faces’ and heyho! hundreds of individual objects!
However, it looks like (just from the picture) that you want to select a group of faces and turn those faces into a new closed object? If thats the case im not sure :S

Hi ninehunred,

thanks for reply. Indeed I need new separated and closed objects. So if meshes share one face this face must be doubled somehow to create new closed objects.

Any further ideas?

you got the blend file? stick it on :slight_smile:

When you say ‘share one face’ that’s not really true even though you are thinking of it that way there is no face between those ‘cubes’. There is a loop of vertices. If as you say there are many objects and you want to separate each into two along some loop you will have to select the loop somehow. After that V for split, shift ctrl alt M for select nonmanifold and F for make face should work. If you have (somehow) actually managed to make these objects with an internal face :eek: you can select internal faces from the select menu and then V Shift Ctrl Alt M and F as before.

Hi DruBan,

thanks for reply. But since I have a huge object with hundreds of faces I cannot select each loop manually, this would be timeconsuming. So I need a tool to seperate each connected object into a separate one.

Any further ideas?