Question on official releases

Hi, I’m aware that graphicall posts all these different versions, experimental and compiled versions and updates. But here is my question, because I really prefer to use the official versions that Blender puts out.

  1. So in the case of 2.62 They released the official 2.62 version about a week ago.

  2. It seems that there is a problem with rendering layers when using the GPU, not sure if is just cuda cards or what. It’s been reported apparently a second time on this site.

  3. So lets say they figure a fix for it… Do they wait for the next official version to implement the fix on the site? So if I just want to use the official version, I would have to wait until 2.63 comes out?

  4. I guess what I was wondering, is, if I can determine there is a fix, could I uninstall and then download and reinstall the official version again “midcycle” and hope that the fix was implemented.

The download page only has the official stable versions. This will be the same file you would download on its release day as you would if you downloaded it a day before the next version is released.

if you are looking for the really latest version of blender you basically have 2 main options:

in the download section you can find the latest “milestone” release and as every software, yes, it may contain some bugs.

If I could ask one more question then, If I want to then download whatever would be as close as possible to the official release with the fixes implemented, is there some type of specific description I should look for? They download so many different versions it’s just a little confusing.

there isn’t a resource like the one you are looking for, blender is an open-source project, this mean that everyone can download and modify and publish the code, according to the license, the way they want.
Also there are some “modded” version of blender out there and not only patches or fix distributed as one file.

graphicall is probably the most used resource, but there are no “official patches”, also blender is an ongoing project which is updated approximately every hour/day and you have more chances to find your software already “fixed” from the svn rather than waiting for someone else to release a patch.

You’d need to know excatly what build number had that error fixed and then find the version with that version. You don’t want a revision after 44256 as that uses bmesh and more likely to be unstable and tools not working. If the fix was after this, then you’re out of luck.

Thanks Ble… when I posted my followup question, all of a sudden your reply showed up, I’ll check out the links you gave…Thank you