Question on Pose Library Organization

Is it (organization of poses) even possible, or is the only option to continually add poses, creating an ever lengthening list? I was thinking it would be great if poses could be grouped into categories (by body parts or moods or whatever). If this isn’t possible and the only real option native to the software is to wade through a long list of poses, is there an add-on for this purpose?

I’m setting up a pretty long list of poses for a character animation so that I can append the character and its poses to a scene for quick keyframing. The workaround I’ve come up with is to create more than one file for the character’s different pose groups (e.g. one for driving, one for facial-emotional states, one for parkour, one for combat and so on) but that seems cumbersome. My understanding of nonlinear animation is that it is better suited to game design rather than storytelling/cinematic animation so I haven’t looked into that overly much.

Anyway, any advice is more than welcome. Thank you in advance!

Hmmm… ten hours later and nothing, eh? I must have hit on a thing that isn’t… uh… a thing.

Not sure I understand your question. You can have as many pose libraries as you need. Just save your current library with a fake user, click the X and then create a new one. You can organize them with a name. You can recall your pose libraries and search your pose position A_Z. So your naming convention needs to make sense to find your pose. If you don’t know how post back and I’ll give you a step by step.

That actually answers my question, thanks. I wasn’t aware an individual character rig could have multiple pose libraries associated with it.

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