Question on posting pics.

(TurboG) #1

How can I post images? I am just starting to post and I don’t know a good site that will Host them for me. i want to post what I made but I can’t :frowning: Thanks


(ScottishPig) #2

There are 3 popular free webhosts-

Geocities, Stormpages, and brinkster.

Of these, I like Geocities the best, however, it’d be very prudent for you to run your own webserver ( if you are on a really fast connection, because then you have unlimited everything.

(acasto) #3

I know what you mean, of all the ‘free’ services out their, they about hi-jack your page with some add or something, then don’t let you link to your pics. I know it all sucks, but that’s typical in the industry.

I would like to set up something were people can post their pics, host a personal or resume page or such on my server, but I’m still trying to figure out how and what. I don’t know if I need to automate it, or limit it to us blenderheads, or how I should set up ftp or some other interface or what.

What do you think people would need, just maybe a main page for info about them and a pics page? Then what about tutorials, it might be easier if there was a main tutorial section that they could link to from their personal, this way if would be easier for people browsing the tutorial to find them. Let me know if anyone has some suggestions.

(denzombie) #4

Decent ISPs will allow you to have some web space for a small fee. My isp allows me 50 mb and a reasonalble amount of traffic for 25-30 bucks a month + dial up service.