Question on render times..

Hey guys,

I’m currently rendering a simple scene of a fly around of a vehicle composed of a little less than 1 million faces that’s been going on for more than 12 hours and it’s on frame 238 of 540 frames at 24 fps. There is a lot of mirror reflectivity on several parts of the vehicle and the floor on which the vehicle is situated, and I’m outputting ambient occlusion, composite, shadow, and floor reflectivity passes. (if this isn’t enough information I’ll gladly supply more.) What I’m wondering is, is this a common thing given the complexity of the scene? I’m running a mid 2008 iMac with 2.8 GHz Core 2 Duo and a 512 MB discrete video card on OS X 10.5.8, and Blender 2.49.2 (I know it’s written in my signature, but I’m putting the specs up here for convenience’s sake).


You do have a lot of polys and reflection also, so I guess the render times you’re having are ok, considering your specs. You know, one tiny option/spec can increase or decrease render times significantly.